What are your areas of expertise?

We work from start to finish on corporate events. Which range from Exhibition Stand Design & Construction, Events &Conferences, Retail Kiosk & Display, Mall Decoration & Promotions, Brand Activation, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Signage & Corporate Gifting. We work across all business sectors and are happy to serve each and every client in the corporate world.

Why do I need event planning?

A Good & experienced event planner saves you time and money. We will provide you services with reputable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best rates, discounts, terms, and conditions on your behalf and coordinate your event. Using an event planner takes away stress and worry, and allows you peace of mind to enjoy your event.

What is Customized Exhibition Stand?

Customized Exhibition Stand is Designed and fabricated as per client’s need it is a wooden or steel structure with branding over the same that represents the Company’s Brand.

How do you make budgets on track?

We are strict about keeping track of anything we need to spend money on. This is done by continuous monitoring and updating spreadsheets, knowing where to plan to spend, and keeping an amount of the budget to serve emergency contingencies.

How prior do we need to start planning an event?

This depends on the size and nature of the event, we will always advise you to start putting a plan of action in place as soon as possible. Usually, venues may need to be booked in advance, as too with suppliers and vendors. This gives us sufficient time for backup plans as well as leaving enough time to negotiate, plan and ensure everything’s in place for the main event.

What kind of information about my exhibition stand should I provide?

Your information should include the following question answered. What is in your budget? You should provide, your exhibition detail, Provide a Floor plan with the dimension, Company details, product details, furniture requirements, material specifications if any, Objectives during the exhibition, any other specific or extra requirement. You should try to provide the maximum information you can.

How much time does it take to fabricate a stall?

It depends on the design and the sizes of the stall. If the stall has a size less is around 100 Sqm. then it shall take 10 -12 days and if the stall size is more than 100 Sqm Up to 400 Sqm. then it can take between 15 to 20 days.

Can you manage with last-minute changes of plan or emergency situations?

We are well experienced in dealing with the unexpected. We build in contingency measures for all our events and are continuously working out plans to cope with emergency situations. Rest assured your event is always in the most efficient hands.

What are your fees?

We discuss all your event requirements before giving an estimate as obviously costing will be depending on the scale and nature of the event, the complexity of planning, our level of participation, and location of the events, but we’ll also work according to your given budget. You’ll never be charged more than mentioned in our agreement till the extra service is opt and there will be no hidden extras or surprises.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We’re aware that sometimes thing must have happened which are out of your control. If you need a refund for a canceled event, do discuss this with the event team as soon as possible, before extra services and event material may have been ordered. We can discuss our contract with you before entering into contracts and then cooperate with you in the unfortunate event of an event cancellation.